3 Flooring Maintenance Tips to Help Keep Your Floors Looking Fabulous All Summer

A Fabulous Floor All Summer Long

The summer months and holidays can take their toll on your floors with little wet feet and towels, sand, home-entertaining spills, and kids at home during the school holidays. The warmer weather can impact your flooring in other ways too which is why it’s important to keep on top of your floor cleaning and care throughout summer. Here are 3 flooring maintenance tips to help keep your floors looking fabulous all summer long.

Use a Quality Doormat

A great defense against dirty floors in summer is a high-quality doormat at every main entryway to your house. Remind your kids to wipe their feet thoroughly when coming in from the garden, backyard, or pool.

Vacuum Weekly

With lots of small dust particles in the air during summer, regularly vacuuming will make sure you get up all that fine dust and grit-like sand that might not necessarily be visible to the naked eye. Vacuuming before you mop means you won’t be sweeping those particles and abrasives along the surface of the floor, keeping your floor extra clean underfoot and protecting its surface. Your floor will love you for it!

Consider an Outside Shower

This is a great one, especially for coastal and beach dwellers. Sandy feet can make floor cleaning a nightmare and can also act as an abrasive, scratching the surface of your floor. Having an outside shower will greatly reduce the amount of sand (& dirt) that’s traipsed inside. Make sure you have plenty of towels outside too – to prevent dripping and the excess water coming inside afterward. Choosing a water-resistant floor layout will also help protect your floors from wet feet and spills.

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